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From time to time, pictures of celebrities with lipedema have surfaced on the internet, and there was talk about them having a disproportionate body. Well, the truth behind the fat deposition in the thighs and arms is this tissue disorder, Lipedema. Unfortunately, celebrities often do not find out about their lipedema diagnosis until they experience chronic symptoms like pain. 

Lipedema is a prevalent disease among women caused by elevated estrogen levels, an unbalanced diet, genetic makeup, pregnancy, or hormonal imbalance. Celebrities in their later 30s develop symptoms like softening and dimpling skin on the thighs, spongy and swollen leg tissues, increased sensitivity, cold legs, pain, and easy bruising. These symptoms all point to one tissue disorder, lipedema. Lipedema, however, can lead to Lymphedema.

Over the years, celebrities with lipedema have talked about the disease and how they recovered from it. On the other hand, some celebrities are still unaware of their condition as, in the early stages, it’s hard to diagnose. Below we will talk about lipedema and the celebrities who have it.

What Is Lipedema?

Lipedema is a chronic health condition where excess fat accumulates in different body parts. Especially in the legs and arms. It is also called adiposis dolorosa due to fat accumulation. This tissue disorder can result in severe pain and hinder your daily routine. The onset of Lipedema starts with swelling and softening of the skin, prone to easy bruising. Gradually it may form varicose veins. The symptoms can be an obstacle during mobility and cause pain in your daily life. 

How Common Is Lipedema?

Lipedema affects women around the world. According to studies, 11% of adult women worldwide are diagnosed with Lipedema. The possibility of disease acquisition may be due to the patient’s medical history, genes, diet, and lifestyle. 

Do I Have Lipedema Or Just Cellulite?

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Lipedema and cellulite

The correct and timely Lipedema diagnosis is crucial to begin the treatment. Since both diseases can cause the skin to look soft, bumpy, and dimpled, people often confuse cellulite and Lipedema. 

However, these two are very different conditions. Cellulite is a cosmetic condition and does not cause harm. On the other hand, Lipedema is a severe tissue disorder.

The question here is how to know if you have cellulite or Lipedema. The symptoms of both diseases are different. Though the appearance at first glance may look alike, cellulite causes your skin to dimple, swell, and appear bumpy. Cellulite does not cause swelling; Lipedema does. In addition, cellulite does not cause any additional symptoms. Still, Lipedema comes with swollen arms and legs, sensitivity to bruising, hindered mobility, and chronic pain.

Can Lipedema Go Away With Weight Loss?

Lipedema does not go away with weight loss. However, weight management is critical during the treatment of Lipedema. It can also play a vital role in slowing down the progression of the disease. Solely losing weight does not qualify for the treatment of the disease. However, weight loss can be highly beneficial during Lipedema if paired with liposuction or compression therapy. 

Can Lipedema Turn Into Lymphedema?

Lymphedema can occur secondary to Lipedema. These are two distinct diseases. Lipedema is an accumulation of fat in body tissues of arms and legs, and Lymphedema is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the extremities. The fluid accumulation can occur due to blockage or impaired lymph vessels and the lymphatic system’s functioning. 

These two can only be related when Lipedema leads to Lymphedema. The increasing fat deposition in the body tissues compresses the delicate lymphatic vessels and causes obstruction. This results in the accumulation of lymphatic fluids in the arms and legs. Thus, Lymphedema and Lipedema may not be the same, but the latter can lead to the former. 

What Are The Early Signs Of Lipedema?

During the early stages of Lipedema or before the diagnostic stage, there are certain signs you might look for if you fear the severe tissue disorder. Initially, the legs start to feel spongy and swollen. The skin feels cold and extremely soft. The columnar appearance of muscles and tissues is evident from hips to ankles. Also, the muscles are lumpy, and the tissue feels like knots when pressed gently. The symptoms might also involve easy bruising of the skin. 

What Hormone Causes Lipedema?

Estrogen – a hormone associated with Lipedema, is a crucial regulator of adipocyte metabolism, glucose metabolism, and fat distribution. As this is a female hormone, the disease Lipedema is more common in women than men. Estrogen regulates the increase of fat cells in the body. The extra unutilized fat deposits in thighs and legs cause excessive accumulation of fats in extremities. Thus the frequent deposition leads to Lipedema.

Celebrities With Lipedema

Have you noticed that a few famous celebrities started to gain extra weight around their hips and thighs? Well, they might have symptoms leading to Lipedema. Since this tissue disorder usually begins after the 30s, many celebrities may develop this condition despite taking care of their diet and workout routine. The reason behind this is the genetic structure and sudden hormonal changes, pregnancies, and other diseases hindering fat metabolism.

Several beloved celebrities are either suspected of having Lipedema or have been diagnosed with the disease. Here is a list of those celebrities with Lipedema:

Mischa Barton:

mischa barton

Mischa Barton is a famous television, film, and stage actor who has been stunned by all her performances. Recently, her picture in shorts surfaced on the internet, and people were concerned about her sudden changes in physique, especially her legs. Her legs appear thicker and dimpled. People suggested that she might be suffering from cellulite. Still, her sudden weight gain around thighs and hips and the columnar appearance of the muscles suggest that she might have lipedema. Her disproportionate body is just a concern for her health. Since then, some other pictures have gone viral on the internet and had the fans talking.

Shaughna Phillips:

Shaughna Phillips, who entered Islander Season 6 confirmed to be one of the celebrities with lipedema. She was diagnosed with lipedema when she noticed unusual fat built up around her calves and thighs. After the diagnosis, she went under treatment and opted for liposuction therapy. Eventually, she recovered from liposuction and shared her experiences with lipedema fat removal surgery. 

Kristie Alley:

kristie alley

Kristie alley has talked about her struggles with her weight. However, her symptoms and leg appearance suggest she might be suffering from Lipedema. The bumpy disproportionate legs compared to the rest of her body might be a sign of lipedema.

Rebel Wilson: 

Rebel Wilson

Rebel is a highly talented performer reported to have been a celebrity with Lipedema. Unfortunately, just because she is thick and overweight, a diagnosis can not be made based on observation. Although, lipedema is a diagnosis that many medical professionals often overlook. 

Alicia Keys:

alicia keys

Alicia Keys is a songwriter and performer. She has thick legs, and she has always flaunted her strong legs. However, her leg appearances suggest she might have Lipedema due to her legs being disproportionate to the rest of her body. 

Mariah Carey:

mariah carey

Mariah Carey was diagnosed with Lipedema and underwent liposuction to recover from the disease.

Maisie Smith:

Maisie Smith looks extremely beautiful and has a nice pair of legs that look thick; when observed closely, Maisie has some uneven fat distribution on her legs and calves. This may suggest lipedema. 

Amy Schumer:

amy schumer

Amy Schumer is a loved actress and performer; she was diagnosed with lipedema and underwent liposuction therapy to treat her troublesome health condition.

Kylie Jenner:

Who does not know Kylie? She has an evident scar on her leg that suggests liposuction could have been performed. Kyle has always been open about her health; she might have suffered from lipedema. Kyle has undergone many cosmetic surgeries to improve her appearance, including liposuction. 

Wendy Williams:

wendy williams

Wendy was diagnosed with lipedema that turned into Lymphedema. She spoke about it and said, “I can only feel 5% of my feet due to lymphedema.” She uses home massage devices to relieve the pain and symptoms.

Nelly Furtado:

Nelly Furtado

Everyone loves Nelly, but her body and leg shape suggest she might have lipedema.

How To Break Down Lipedema Fat And Keep It From Progressing?

You can make essential changes in lifestyle and diet to break down Lipedema and keep it from progressing. Although, these changes alone are not enough. You will need to consider liposuction and possibly bariatric surgery for treatment. However, a good diet, workout, losing weight, and massage can decrease the progression of Lipedema and can cause lipid breakdown. Here are some non-surgical ways to slow down Lipedema progression:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Massage and lipedema

The MLD massage can help reduce Lipedema progression as it presses on deep muscles and causes pain. Moreover, it stretches the skin to reach the deep tissues. Thus, the fat molecules are slightly compressed, and even the lymphatic system starts functioning correctly. 


A healthy diet with fewer carbohydrates can help reduce the progression and breakdown of fat. Low carbohydrates help the body metabolize fat to fulfill its energy needs.


Exercise can help manage weight and fat tissue. It breaks down some fat and slows Lipedema progression. Exercise paired with surgery can be the best treatment for Lipedema.

What Foods To Avoid If you Have Lipedema?

Diet can be a substantial contributing factor to Lipedema. A high carbohydrate diet and refined products are the risk factors for this health condition. Consider adopting a Rare Adipose Disorders diet (RAD Diet) or a Polycystic ovarian syndrome diet ( PCOS) if you suffer from this tissue disorder. The RAD diet mentions some food restrictions. All foods that can lead to excessive fat build-up should be reduced or entirely removed from the diet. Consuming anti-inflammatory foods are beneficial for lipedema. Consuming foods like green matcha tea, getting your omega 3’s, and consuming lean protein options is a great way to reduce inflammation and help to ease symptoms. Green Matcha Tea has been shown to aid in weight loss. is a great option, this tea is steamed and ground to prevent oxidation of this tea and preserve its benefits.

However, some  foods to avoid are listed below, these foods include:

Pasteurized Dairy Products :

All whole-fat dairy products should not be consumed in the diet. They have high-fat content. However, one needs the right amount of calcium and other nutrients from traditional milk or vegan milk options. Therefore, a low-fat milk, yogurt, or vegan option would be beneficial.


Meat is high in calories and fat. Thus it should be limited, especially red meat and bacon. 

Processed Food and Simple Sugar:

Processed food and sugars have high caloric content. Moreover, these have fat-sparing content, which increases fat deposition into the tissues.

Wheat And Processed Grains

Apart from the foods mentioned earlier, one must be careful of processed wheat and white flour, which can increase weight and fat in the body. 

Liposuction And Celebrities Who Went Under Liposuction.

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liposuction and lipedema

A high-pressure suction technique to remove excess fat from the body. Celebrities have been fond of liposuction when removing fat from specific body areas. Especially celebrities with Lipedema have usually opted for liposuction procedures to recover from the tissue disorder. Here is the list of some celebrities with Lipedema who underwent liposuction therapy:

Shaughna Phillips

Shaughna Phillips, diagnosed with Lipedema, went under liposuction to recover from Lipedema. She described the procedure as painful, but it helped her tone her calves and eliminated excessive fat. 

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer also went under liposuction after being diagnosed with Lipedema. She was vocal about it and said, “I feel good.”

Kylie Jenner

The scar on Kylie’s leg may suggest that she underwent liposuction surgery to remove excess fat from her legs, which Lipedema caused. Kyle also stated she has a Brazilian butt lift, body sculpting, and reconstruction surgery

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey also went under liposuction after being diagnosed with Lipedema. She seems happy about it; in recent pictures, she is seen flaunting her legs.

Can Compression Devices Help Relieve Lipedema? 

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Compression devices like Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Devices can be handy in slowing down the progression of Lipedema. Here are some of the best home therapies for treating Lipedema. In addition, celebrities with Lipedema often use home devices to relieve lipedema symptoms.

A Well-known celebrity diagnosed with lipedema, Wendy Williams, uses a compression device at home to relieve her symptoms and treat this tissue disorder.

Does Massage Help Lipedema? 

Massage has proven helpful in Lipedema but not as the sole therapeutic method. Massage only does not treat Lipedema. However, it can relieve pain and reduce swelling. Also, if paired with effective surgery, massage can be beneficial to recover from Lipedema. These celebrities with Lipedema get regular leg massages: 

Wendy Williams

Kylie Jenner

Amy Schumer

Mariah Carey

In Conclusion

Lipedema is a tissue disorder where excessive fat accumulates in the legs and arms. It is hard to treat and can only really be fully treated through surgery. However, many well-known and loved celebrities have suffered from this medical condition. However, massage and compression therapy can help with symptoms of lipedema. Lipedema is often misdiagnosed. Therefore, many celebrities with Lipedema self-diagnosed it, or their doctors suspected it.


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