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How to Start a profitable blog in the health and wellness niche. You probably already know your niche is competitive, but you love  health and wellness, so it’s worth it. These tips will help you compete and earn money from your blog. 

Website Hosting

Choosing the right hosting company is essential to building a profitable high traffic blog. Choosing a hosting company thats available 24-7 and has website security is important to protecting your business. I can tell you from experience how frustrating it was to wake up and find out my website was down and had been hacked I couldn’t bear loosing all that hard work and affiliate links. Luckily I was bale to call my Wp Engine and they were able to get me set up with website security. They were able to get my website up and running again in a couple days and help make my website secure so this wouldn’t happen again. I have a coupon link to Wp Engine to help you get 4 months free.

Niche Down

It would help if you choose a niche in natural remedies, workouts, women’s health, yoga, or even mindset/manifestation in the beginning to help you get an audience that is interested in your articles. If you can niche down even further, that would be a high plus. Having a blog that is too broad can confuse your readers and they can lose interest in your blog fast.

Write For Your Reader

Make sure to write articles that will help your reader. Remember it’s about the reader and not about you. It’s ok to add in your personal experience once in a while, but writing a whole post about you can make your readers loose interest. 

Engage With Your Readers

Make sure you respond to reader questions on your blog and interact with your readers. This will encourage them to come back to your blog and read other posts. It’s also good for SEO.

Site Speed Matters

Make sure your website loads fast and keep the large images to a minimum. Slow site speed can hurt your traffic and make users click off your website fast. If your website doesn’t load within 2 seconds, then you may be losing readers. WP Rocket, helped me personally being my website from a poor site speed to a site speed in the high 90’s this really helped me increase my traffic. 

Create Good Quality Content

I can’t stress this enough. Google gives preference to websites that provide value and answer all of the readers questions on a subject or problem they are experiencing. 

Invest in a good quality blogging course to help you monetize your blog. 

This was a huge mistake I made in the beginning. I know I needed a proven process and something I could do with my limited 5 hours a week blogging schedule. I thought I could  learn all I needed to know from youtube and free blogging articles. I was wrong and this cost me time and money. After I monitored my blog I was able to earn over $1000.00-$1600.00 a month with my 5 hour a week part-tI have personally tried many blogging courses, some were great others were not so great. The blogging affiliate marketing course I kept on going back to, following the process and taking notes was the course, this course helped me to get my blog monetized.

I have personally tried many blogging courses, some were great others were not so great. The blogging affiliate marketing course I kept on going back to, following the process and taking notes was the course, this course helped me to get my blog monetized.

So, my affiliate links would make me money without me having to put in any more time or effort. This course was simple to follow, and it is a step-by-step process. I took plenty of notes and those notes were easy to follow. I started earning affiliate commissions within a couple of days. Within 6 months I was earning over $1600.00 a month in affiliate commission.

Add Your Affiliate Links To Monetize.

The fastest way to monetization is to add your affiliate links. Make sure you add products, ebooks, or courses you love and couldn’t live without. Make sure they are part of a solution and have to do with helping your client or customer. This helps add value to your article since, many of your readers are looking for products to help them on along their health and wellness journey. Monitizing your website in the early stages will help you make money early on. Shareasale, is a great way to monetize your website with a ton of affiliate networks all under one tab.

Get Help If You Need It.

Don’t be afraid to outsource your content or website design if you really need help. I spent way too much money on my first website and I could have got the same thing on Fiverr  for a fraction of the cost.

Write With Authority If You Can.

If you are a health coach, nutritionist, dietician, personal trainer, or physical therapist make sure your name and credentials are listed in your article. Preferably at the top of the article. This helps google see you as an expert on the subject.

A Coaching Website

A coaching website can bring in additional revenue to your business. It’s a great way to earn additional revenue, build sales funnels for your business, earn affiliate monthly commissions, build trust and engagement with your clients. 



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